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Both of our award-winning whiskeys are made with locally sourced grains from Root Shoot Malting in Loveland, CO.

Four Grain Whiskey is made with Rye, Corn, Red Wheat, and several malted Barleys, locally sourced from Loveland, CO.

Rye Whiskey is our second whiskey product. It is a smooth mix of Raw Rye, and Malted Rye and Barley, aged 7 months and longer. 

The wash of Cane Sugars and Molasses are transferred to the fermenters for the yeast to work its magic.  Distilled twice, the cuts are then merged for the best flavor and then charged into new oak barrels.  Our Fireboat has been resting and aging since January 2019.

FBR Young is matured for 5 months and is a young fresh rum. It's smooth neat, and mixes well.

FBR Aged spends another 7 months in the new oak. It is great on the rocks with a splash of lime and soda.


Sometimes we make a little extra 4 Grain Whiskey and keep it out of the barrel. This gets safely tucked away until we charge it back into the spirit still for a third distillation through the gin basket. 22 botanicals and aromatics result in a light juniper spirit supported by a solid team of floral, citrus and peppery flavors.  

Saluting our friends from the Agave regions, Los Bomberos is made with a mix of several styles of agave syrup, with an added touch of honey. Distilled twice, and rested with some new oak for character, the finished product lies on the Tequila flavor profile with a Mezcal influence, like a complex Anejo.

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